Mechanical Engineering:

To produce well qualified diploma engineers who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in the field of mechanical engineering for ever changing industrial demands and social needs.Mechanical Engineering section imparts total quality education through effective high-tech teaching-learning techniques to produce innovative and creative mechanical engineers to meet the global challenges with the high qualified staff in the mechanical engineering section and to train the students with creativities, broad vision and global outlook for industries, governments and communities who have sound knowledge in mechanical engineering with effective communication and problem solving skills.

Research–  Research paper publication in Applied Thermal Engineering, Ecotoxicology and  Environmental Safety.


Fuels Lab:

Fuels and oils are very essential for running all types of Engines and Machines which are very useful to mankind. In fuels lab fuel or oil may be tested to see if it conforms to certain standards for the purpose for which it is intended.

Mech Events:

Prepared working models on: (1) Hydraulic Arm Operated by Syringes (2) Edge Avoider Robot.

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