General Section consists of the subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Library and Information Sciences.  There are faculty members in each of the subjects apart from a physical Director and Librarian.  Head of General Sections looks after the administrative issues of the Section.  General Section imparts instruction to the students in order to strengthen their knowledge in sciences and mathematics and to enhance their communication skills so that they get ready for instruction in technological streams.  A librarian is there to make accessible to them all sources of knowledge in the form of books.  The physical director trains and encourages the students to participate in extracurricular activities, sports and games so that their education is well rounded off.

Research–        Research paper publication in Physics, English and Maths


English Communications Lab:

Owing to lack of a permanent building, English Communication Lab in Govt. Polytechnic, Ponnur, is in its rudimentary stage with one laptop and one OHP with the help of which the English faculty imparts English communication skills to the students.

Chemistry Lab:

The chemistry laboratory is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied in the course, as well as to introduce important laboratory techniques and encourage analytical thinking. The chemistry lab consists of Burettes, pipettes, analytical balance, conical flasks etc.

Physics Lab:

The course covers the importance of the laboratory in effective learning of physics. This lay a foundation for practical understanding of the subject. The laboratory course creates enthusiasm in students and develop skills in handling equipment. Students improve their qualities like speed, accuracy and technical skills by performing experiments in physics. The experiments in this course include Screw guage, vernier callipers, simple pendulum, quilt tube method, magnetic lines of force and others. These experiments bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge of the students.

Gen Events :

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