Affiliated to State Board of Technical Education and Training AP

Government Polytechnic Ponnuru Guntur

Government Polytechnic,Sri Rama Municipal High School campus,Itikampadu Road,Ponnur-522124Guntur 242566

Commissioner`s Message

Welcome to D.S.R Government Polytechnic, Ponnur

Mission :
Transforming admittees into appropriately skilled work force.
Vision :
Constant up gradation to a higher level and to catalyze a welcome change in surrounding society.



"To emerge as a globally recognized center of excellence in Civil Engineering education, research, and innovation, shaping future leaders committed to sustainable development and societal welfare."

Mission Statement:

  • "To impart comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Civil Engineering through experiential learning and industry collaboration, preparing students for diverse career opportunities."
  • "To foster a culture of innovation and research in Civil Engineering, addressing contemporary challenges and contributing to the advancement of infrastructure and technology."
  • "To instill ethical values, professionalism, and a sense of social responsibility in Civil Engineering graduates, empowering them to serve communities and make meaningful contributions to society."
  • "To cultivate a learning environment that encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and lifelong learning among students and faculty members, fostering continuous growth and development."

These statements can be further refined and customized to reflect the specific goals and values of DSR Government Polytechnic Ponnur's Civil Engineering department.

Top of Form

VISION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING "To be a pioneering center of excellence in Mechanical Engineering education and research, renowned for innovation, sustainability, and global leadership, shaping future-ready engineers for the dynamic challenges of industry and society."

Mission Statement:

  • "To provide a transformative learning experience that equips students with strong fundamentals, practical skills, and a multidisciplinary perspective in Mechanical Engineering."
  • "To foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, encouraging students to develop novel solutions and technologies that address real-world problems."
  • "To collaborate with industry partners, research institutions, and government agencies to conduct cutting-edge research and development in key areas of Mechanical Engineering."
  • "To cultivate ethical values, professional integrity, and a commitment to social responsibility among students, preparing them to be ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global context."

These statements can be further tailored to align closely with the specific goals and values of DSR Government Polytechnic Ponnur's Mechanical Engineering department.

General Section consists of the subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Library and Information Sciences. There are faculty members in each of the subjects apart from a physical Director and Librarian. Head of General Sections looks after the administrative issues of the Section. General Section imparts instruction to the students in order to strengthen their knowledge in sciences and mathematics and to enhance their communication skills so that they get ready for instruction in technological streams. A librarian is there to make accessible to them all sources of knowledge in the form of books. The physical director trains and encourages the students to participate in extracurricular activities, sports and games so that their education is well rounded off. Research- Research paper publication in Physics, English and Maths

Facilities We Offer


Collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use.


Formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources.


An individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure.

Quality Education

Appropriate skills development, gender parity, provision of relevant school infrastructure.